Glass Resins

You may not know what glass resins are, but chances are good that you have used a product made with them.

Glass resins are a family of polysiloxane polymers used in a variety of applications, including.

  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings for Plastics - Glass resins provide a hard, scratch resistant coating on a variety of plastic substrates, such as eyeglass lenses, automotive instrument panel covers, cell phone windows, face shields, head lamp cover, lamp shrouds, and industrial visors.
  • Electronics Coatings - Glass resins are used in the manufacture of microelectronic devices, flame proof coatings for resistors and circuit board coatings.
  • Mold Release Agents - Glass resins are used to make semipermanent mold release coatings which enable molders to get multiple releases on elastomeric parts while running cleaner and maintaining paintability.
  • High Temperature Applications - Glass resins are used by formulators to manufacture mold releases for handling hot glass and as high temperature impregnation coatings for fabrics to replace asbestos

Glass resins are manufactured in Perrysburg, OH from high purity monomered using proprietary technology. They are thermally curing resins (cured by condensation) with an alternating silicon-oxygen backbone that yields hard, chemically resistant films.

The glass resins operation is designed to allow us to operate with maximum flexibility. We can manufacture and ship standard products within days and will modify standard products—percent solids, solvents, and packaging—to meet customer needs.

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