Dopant Sources

Techneglas’s premier planar diffusing sources, BoronPlus and PhosPlus, are a mature product routinely used in semiconductors production. Utilizing BoronPlus and PhosPlus, the silicon can reliability be converted to n doping or p doping by our superior control of the deposition process.

The resulting electrical properties are very uniform and results in higher yields that other dopant diffusion processes can not match, particularly for larger wafer sizes. Many users obtain less silicon damage by using Techneglas's superior dopant system.

Micro machining (MEMS), a growing industry, has found our sources to fit their requirements and is using them to make sensors, printer heads, and many other MEMS devices.

Techneglas's BoronPlus and PhosPlus are safe to use and does not require the use of explosive, toxic, or hazardous gases. No toxic off-gases are produced during the deposition.
Our BoronPlus and PhosPlus planar diffusion sources offer a superior dopant system for safe, cost effective, and reliable doping of silicon wafers. Combined with process quality yields, their safe processing, and non hazardous nature, many foundries have converted to using these solid sources.


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