MEMS Application

Techneglas manufactures high purity BoronPlus(R) and PhosPlus (R) dopant sources.

These planar diffusion sources are routinely used in bipolar and CMOS semiconductor production to dope both single crystal silicon and poly-crystaline silicon wafers. Sources are safe and are usable in various ambient conditions with excellent uniformity.

Dopant sources, produced in our Perrysburg facility, are one of two glass products within the Techneglas system. BoronPlus and PhosPlus, Techneglas's premier planar diffusing sources, are glass products developed in 1975 by combining high-purity raw materials in a melting process and introducing Techneglas's BoronPlus and PhosPlus dopants into semiconductors.

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Glass resins are manufactured in Perrysburg, OH from high purity monomers using proprietary technology. They are thermally curing resins (cured by condensation) with an alternating silicon-oxygen backbone that yields hard, chemically resistant films.

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Typical uses include: Base, Source, Emitter, Collector, Buried Layer, Diodes, Isolation, Thyristor, Ultrafast Rectifier, Polysilicon Gate, Etch Stop for MEMS, and Solar Cells.


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